I have worked with Renata since July 2015, and have continued to invest in her business ever since. Renata offers a very competitive interest rate, and this allows for a much higher return compared to interest rates offered by financial institutions. With each investment I was clearly informed how my funds will be used, and a formal Loan Agreement is signed on each occasion. Interest has always been paid on time and my investment has always been returned by the due date, or in some cases earlier. I have no hesitation in recommending Renata as a sound and knowledgeable Property Developer and look forward to many more investment opportunities with her..

Working with Renata on different projects over the last year has given me an excellent return. She is straight forward and business driven person who you can trust.

After looking at a variety options for getting involved in property that would give me a good rate of return, I have soon realised that participating in projects with Renata is exactly what I was looking for.

I can honestly say that after two years of working with Renata, I have a lot of peace of mind. Fee payments are always on time, communication is transparent and thorough. I would highly recommend Renata to anyone who wants to be in property and receive good return.