Investor's capital protection is a vital part of our business

We understand there is a lot of investment choice in the property market and it is up to investor to choose the right one.

Why to choose us?

We Offer:

  • 6-8% Fixed Net Annual Returns
  • The opportunity to work with property professionals that have a proven track record of success
  • Hands-off investment with guaranteed returns
  • A mutual long-term business relationship with an investor, based on trust and integrity
  • Investor's capital is our priority and we take responsibility to protect it at all times:
    1. We choose our projects carefully and go through a thorough research system before accepting the project
    2. We have multiple Exit Strategies for each project
    3. We invest our own funds in the same project in order to minimize Risk for investors funds invested
    4. We sign flexible Loan Agreement that suits Investor's needs