Property is a piece of art which requires knowledge, understanding and supervision.

R2G Properties is a property investment, development and management company. Our focus is on investing in London and South-West. We find our properties by sourcing our projects as well as being approached by agents and property owners looking to sell property quickly. As a growing business we are happy to explore new opportunities and welcome new investors to work with us.

Either you are:

  • A property Owner wanting to SELL your property quickly or
  • Investor, looking for a Good Return
  • A Sourcing Agent

We are happy to hear from you.

R2G business cherish the values of Integrity and Quality. We buy properties, improve and add value to them. We use three different strategies to increase value of our properties:

  • High standard Refurbishment and Conversions
  • Planning Uplifting
  • Change of use and Commercial Developments

We carry out a comprehensive due diligence process to source the best projects and to ensure that our and investors' capital is protected.

We have multiple Exit Strategies for each project to help minimize the risk.

We use highly qualified Team to ensure the quality of our business.



To create an inspirational luxury accommodation to suit everyone's needs. Each property we treat like a piece of art which requires knowledge, understand and supervision.



To grow our business and use it to inspire and help local community. We believe in values of Giving Back and support Children's Air ambulance Charity.